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Small Seeds


GA 409 1lb $5.50
  50lbs $250.00
Econo 1lb $3.90
  50lbs $170.00
GA 306 1lb $5.00
  50lbs $225.00
GA 455 1lb $5.50
  50lbs $250.00


Ladino 1lb $4.95
  50lbs $198.00
Medium Red 1lb $3.25
  50lbs $135.00
White Dutch 1lb $5.00
  50lbs $214.00
Crimson 1lb $3.10
  50lbs $90.00
Yellow Blossom Sweet 50lbs $110.00


50lb Bags

*Prices are subject to change without notice and all products must be specially ordered in advance.

Wyckoff 409 with Stand Life Genetics

409 is your ultimate choice where Aphanomyces is a problem (HR rating to Races 1&2 Aphanomyces). This line will give you outstanding persistence and winter survival. It also offers great yield plus great quality. 409 has very fast regrowth and deep green color. This variety handles all soil types with outstanding disease package. 409 is a great choice for heavy wheel traffic and handles wetter feet. Lastly, it has a very high rating on forage quality.

Wyckoff’s 306

This sturdy alfalfa in our lineup is #1 in winter hardiness and traffic tolerance. Wyckoff’s 306 is high yielding, and adapted to any soil type. It also has an excellent disease/pest package with being resistant to Bacterial wilt, Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Anthractnose, Phytophthora Root Rot, Aphanomyces, Phoma Crown Rot, Stem Nematode, PeaAphid, and Leafhopper Yellowing. Wyckoff’s 306 has great quality potential with high leave to-stem ratio making it a great new alfalfa variety.

Wyckoff’s 440

This new addition to our already stellar alfalfa lineup has helped us raise the bar. 440 has an excellent disease package along with exceptional bounce back time between cuttings. So if you want to get that extra cutting in, Wyckoff’s 440 is the one to have in your hayfield.

Wyckoff 455

As its name implies this alfalfa will stand, produce, and give you a field of hay that you can count on for years to come. Excellent seeding emergence and very high disease resistance will keep this alfalfa standing thick and strong for many years. With its winter hardiness, fine stemmed and leafy plants, 4535 is the alfalfa to plant to make an excellent hay field.